Start as you mean to go on…

Start as you mean to go on…

The beginning of the year is a great time get organised and create a plan for success as a CEO or in a Marketing role. Have you looked at your brand collateral recently? Does it need improvement or a revamp? What about your packaging design (if your company sells products). Is that up to par? Is it better than the competition or does it too need improvement? Remember, good design out-performs bad design, period. Do you have a high performance, regularly implemented website management plan in place or are you still going to leave that to ‘whenever you have spare time to look after it’ (which sadly is often the case with the majority of SME businesses). Apart from the occasional post on Social media, are you going to really push the visibility of your website through high performance, local expertise SEO marketing to drive prospects to your products and services? Have you considered professional help in creating and implementing a range of top performing digital marketing services including: link back banner advertising campaigns from targeted high-traffic websites in your sector and/or targeted youtube campaigns?
Because if you are not doing that, then you are not at the races. Many of our clients are too busy to plan, organise and implement this consistently in-house.
If you are a larger corporate or semi-state agency you might be considering publishing a high quality Annual Report, or Corporate Brochure which needs to project top level professionalism and quality to your shareholders and government officials. To make the best impression, it needs to be highly creative and accurately produced by seasoned professionals (work we do all the time).

Big ideas but not enough time…

By far the biggest complaint we hear from clients is that they don’t have enough staff or time to implement half of the marketing ideas they want to. We often hear from marketing staff that they are juggling a number of high pressure tasks every day, therefore some other ‘essential’ tasks and plans get put on the long finger. This can result in loss of potential sales or opportunities. Luckily, we are here to help by taking on both creative/digital tasks and also implementing aspects of the client marketing plan when needed. This ensures all plans get done without breaking the budget.

Al Pachino’s advice….

Al Pachino said in a movie that the worst vice is advice! I have to disagree with Al, because I personally find myself dishing out quite a bit of business and marketing advice to our clients. I have earned that privilege from running my own creative business (and a number of other businesses) for over 23 years. You learn on the job on top of what you learned in college. As Mark Twain said ‘It took me years to get over my education’. There is no substitute for experience, particularly when you manage a number of projects, staff, contractors, suppliers and clients on a daily basis – often under tight deadlines ! Remember you can always pick up the phone ask me (or one of the team) for advice or if you need motivation! First consultation is free!

Lets focus on making it a prosperous new year by working together…

Best regards

Wil Lyons
Managing Director
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