Packaging Design – a highly specialised skill

Smart, high quality packaging design sells product… period. Around 50% off all business economy worldwide is based on FMCG products (OTC Pharma/medicines, Food and Beverage products). However, the percentage of Packaging Design Experts, ‘who really know their stuff’ is a tiny percent of the creative community and is very specialised. It takes years (or decades) of day in and day out exposure to working on top brand packaging design to develop the skills and insights to become an expert in this specialised field. You can count the top Irish Packaging designers on one hand. Artefact has two of the best and most experienced packaging designers in Ireland.

The ability to effectively achieve that immediate complex of signals through a piece of packaging design is a very SPECIALIST NICHE skill within the graphic design field. Expert packaging designers are very hard to come by. Once found, they are highly prized by customers who appreciate the difference good packaging design makes to their sales figures. It’s an area of design and know how that should not be entrusted to amateurs or general designers. Trust Artefact with your product brand packaging and see the difference in you sales! Read full article >>

You could seriously damage your product’s sales and potential sales by going to a ‘do it all’ general graphic designer to provide you with packaging design. A big mistake! We spend a lot of our time re-designing product packaging design for our clients that was originally done by amateurs or ‘have a go Henry’s’.

Intelligently conceived and well-executed packaging design is not just about art or aesthetics. Its primary function is to sell the product by means of visually communicating not just one ‘notice me’ message, but up to several distinct messages which range from statements about brand positioning and price to statements about quality, status, dietary considerations, environmental correctness and much more.

Your product stands a much better chance of success, on the aisle and shelf, by entrusting Artefact to create your product’s packaging design & branding.