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“Buying a website without a digital marketing strategy is like spending your entire budget on a commercial without buying any air time to show it to the world”

We also have developed a number of highly effective managed SEO packages from only 299 euro per month. Even the smallest package should significantly help your website increasingly rank higher on Google Search Engine (and others).

After a website design and build is delivered, along with our Website Management Services, our clients typically move on to one of our managed SEO packages. We provide a comprehensive SEO service, (including Google adword management). These SEO activities are designed around your specific needs and at the outset we work in partnership with clients to plan the support the targeted campaigns require. To be effective and to reach more of your target market, professional SEO (and digital marketing) is vital in getting your website ranked high on random searches. In short, effective SEO leads to better traffic leading to higher sales. We follow all ethical and proprietary techniques to get your website to the top of search result listings and provide you with regular reports to show you progress and improvements. Done properly, with enough resources, effective SEO/SMO should result in more client contacts and more sales.

Schedule of Work to be Carried Out for our Starter 299 euro SEO package include:

Keyword Research

We do a full research of your keywords and give you the suggestion about which keywords are best to drive huge traffic to your website

Basic On-Page Optimisation

We’ll do a full audit of all your website pages and will also check out your top 5 main competitor’s websites so that your site is fully optimised and Search Engine friendly for your keywords

(It may be the case that you require FULL/Extensive on-page SEO work to be implemented prior to launching a new website ( or to improve your existing site),

See our 10 Actions SEO Checklist that we recommend should be implemented prior to launching a new website (priced separately to the basic SEO package)

Off Page Optimisation (Link Building)

Google Penguin Friendly Quality Links & Article Submission (Quality not Quantity is needed)

Google Places / Google Plus Setup & Optimised

Setup for Local SEO searches


Ranking Reports of all Major Search engines (Monthly) & Website Analysis Report

Benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  1. Inexpensive source of regular, relevant traffic
  2. Results in a higher click through rate to website compared to any other online program
  3. Gives highest ROI compared to any other online marketing
  4. Generates brand awareness and recognition
  5. Higher natural rankings build trust among searchers
  6. 77% of search users choose organic results over Google AdWords

Timeline of work to be carried out

Week 1 :

Preparation & Research of Keywords & Scripting

Week 2 :

Implementation of Data to your Website.

Week 3 :

Checking and Monitoring Results & Reports

From Week 4 & Every Week :

A Google Penguin Friendly Diverse Link Building Strategy.

Reports Every 4 weeks on Rankings

Work to be Carried Out Monthly:

  • Scan site for 404 errors & broken links (internal & external)
  • Check for empty/missing title tags, meta descriptions
  • Check & Tweak Keyword density
  • Tweak h1, h2-h6 headings, image alt texts
  • Check & resubmit sitemap (if applicable)
  • Social media hook up and links
  • Ranking check

We also provide a number of more intensive SEO packages that deliver even greater results! We can plan an SEO campaign around client budget.
However, it is like everything else in life, the more you can afford to throw at it, the better the results and the more time and effort can be given to the process.

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Also see our Outsourced Marketing Services…

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