Graphic Design overview

We have been providing top level professional graphic design services to hundreds of clients over our past 20 years in business. This kind of experience develops insight that only comes with years of exposure to working with top brands and top clients across multiple channels. This is Artefact team. We are quick to tune-in to what you need, who and how your brand or projects needs to target effectively. Great graphic design is a lot more than designing pretty images! It needs to help sell your product and/or services. By working with us, you receive a lot of the smart advice and savvy you would expect to get from brand consultants, marketing professionals and advertising agencies.

Our graphic design services include:

Brand Identity Design • Brochures • Annual Reports • Product Catalogues • All Marketing Collateral • ‘Expert’ Packaging Design • Advert Design & Ideation • Flyers • Direct Mail Design • Website design build and web management • Product 3D rendering • Product Photography • Point of Retail Sale Design • Digital banner adverts • Presentation Design • Video Production, Audio Editing & Voiceovers • Printing Management

Your marketing collateral (print and digital) needs to first tie-in cohesively with your overall brand identity. You should also have a brand guide document in place. That means that as a business you need to neurotically protect the consistency of both design and messaging, finish and colour management of all the marketing collateral you produce to represent your products or business. That is why it all should be kept under one roof, (ideally Artefact’s) to ensure that whatever marketing elements are produced will deliver a consistent message, look, tone and feel to the end customer. We often see clients opting to design their own brand marketing collateral in-house (we often end up rescuing it). This is usually a bad idea as in-house teams are often amateurs and this reflects in the produced pieces and ultimately negatively on your company image. Not recommended. In-house teams often end up producing stale and uncreative work, mainly because they are not exposed to a variety of top brands on a daily basis. The quality of the messaging and the copy is extremely important. We can assist you with that as well as the creative aspect. Ask Artefact to produce your marketing collateral (Corporate Brochures, Annual Reports, Adverts (print and digital), Mail Pieces, Packaging Design, Web & Digital etc, to give your brand the best chance of making a top impression in the market place.

Pharma Specific Expertise

Design for Pharma / Healthcare brands is a highly specialised area of expertise, particularly Pharma brand packaging design. A large percentage of our client work comes from the Pharma sector. You can count the agencies/designers on one hand who have any real level of understanding and experience around developing branding, packaging and marketing communication materials for Pharma Brands. Artefact is at the top of that list. It would be a costly mistake to go to ‘general design agency’ to develop and work on your Pharma brand, packaging and marketing collateral. If you are smart, you will call us today to discuss your Pharma /healthcare (even veterinary) product needs.

Food & Beverage Expertise

Likewise, product branding and design, (particularly Packaging design) for Food and Beverage sector is also a very specialised niche skill, which takes many years of exposure to top brands to become any way knowledgeable and expert at it. As it happens, Artefact has worked with many top food and beverage brands over the past 20+ years. In fact it is where we ‘cut our teeth’. Wil Lyons has worked with food and beverage companies, helping to develop, design and reposition their brands for many years, every before launching Artefact Ltd. In short, it would be very difficult to find any other company who has the same high levels of experience or expertise developing food/beverage brands including packaging design. You should be talking to Artefact Ltd.