The importance of Branding

It is a mistake to think of your brand as merely a logo. Branding is seen as a way to build a strong relationship with consumers through the sum of all your marketing and advertising communications across every customer touch point. It is your promise to your consumer. We understand this and this is why we can help you create a strong brand identity, tone and messaging/communication assets for your product brand, that your customers will value and remember. When consumers feel emotionally engaged with your brand, this delivers tangeable income and profit. It tells them what they can expect from your products and, over time, aims to build emotional connections with them.

Whilst most other general agencies simply provide graphic design/identity services for their clients, we provide a comprehensive branding process that helps our clients identify and define the personality of their brand (the desired perceived brand image) before we undertake any design/creative process.

Strategy – analysis, plan and implementation

We have the in-house expertise to analyse, plan and implement an effective strategy of action for your brand marketing.  Only after we have this information, will our expert creative team develop and produce a cohesive set of brand imagery and messaging that will be applied across all customer touch points/marketing assets and collateral.

Positioning & Perception

Unless you are fortunate enough to have an exceptionally unique product or service, the perceived quality and positioning of your company/brand image may be your only source of competitive advantage in your market. In today’s marketplace, the mere perception of what your product or service can do is very important. It is the brand that can form and maintain your reputation and can reflect your customer’s experience of your company. A brand can be defined as a unique and identifiable sign that exists to differentiate competing products or services. The brand has both a physical and an emotional trigger that aims to create a relationship between the customers and the product or service. Consistent communication with the target audience can foster this relationship.

Brand Audit

In most cases, we would advise that we undertake a brand audit of our clients existing product or company brand image and marketing collateral, to get a clearer picture of it’s strengths and weaknesses, as it may be perceived by the target market. We would normally review any available research done independently by client and we can undertake other research including; retail store visits, in-store product and price audits (retail products), explore category and consumer information, prepare SWOTS etc. We would also compare the strengths and weaknesses of the Key Player competitor products/services from any available information, before taking all the information and building a clear and structured brand positioning/brand values with feedback and input from core team. This process is recommended before we begin any of the actual creative design work/marketing activity.

Given our 20 years + working with top Irish and international SME/Corporate and Pharma/FMCG brands, we have consistently proven that we are a valuable strategic asset to our clients marketing and business objectives, providing a significant advantage over many of our competitors.

Brand Naming Service

If you are producing a new product or service, then it is likely it will need a memorable and appropriate name. Artefact will guide you through the naming and decision process. The are distinct advantages to having a professional brand naming company handle the naming of your business or product brand. Great names are the cheapest form of marketing. Word-of-mouth communicates brand ideas more efficiently than any advertising campaign.

As part of our naming services, we screen all names against potential trademark conflicts, implement comprehensive domain names searches, before presenting recommendations to clients.

Brand Guideline Documents

Why are Brand Guideline documents important?
Brand Guidelines communicate a variety of things about your brand, both internally to your organisation or business, as well as externally to your partners, affiliates and the general public. What components a brand guidelines contains is not standard across the industry, but the most discernible organisations utilise brand guidelines as a resource for everyone to understand how to represent their brand.Brand guidelines can contain sections on:
• Your brand identity (mission, core values, personality, tone, elevator pitch, etc.)
• Your brand assets and the appropriate use of them (logo, colour palette, typeface, spacing, backgrounds, etc.)

Brand guidelines are a very useful resource when re-branding or starting a new company as a way of communicating with current and prospective customers within your target audience. They are a set of rules to create a unified identity when connecting multiple elements within your brand, such as colours, your logo, and your typography.
Artefact will create a high quality, very detailed Brand Guideline Document (manual) to communicate the strict usage of your brand assets and messaging.

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Branding & Identity 

  • Brand Audits
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Strategy/Plan
  • Brand Story Creation
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Consultation
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Launch/Event

Graphic Design

  • Corporate Brochures
  • Annual Reports
  • All Marketing Collateral
  • Advert Design/Ideation
  • Packaging Design
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  • Retail Point of Sale
  • Video Production
  • Illustration/3D Rendering

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