Advert Design & Ideation

‘A larger gun doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better aim’. Artefact Ltd has a 22+ year track record and reputation for smart ideation & creative excellence. Great advertising generally relies on simplicity and clarity to be most effective. Today it is more about two way communication and engagement with people rather than a hard sell. The way we talk to each other and treat each other is very important. At Artefact we realise this and it reflects in our client relationships and in turn their brands’ relationships with their customers. It’s also about doing great work which strives to enhance and accelerate the potential of our clients’ brands across all major communication touch points, (print or digital advertising) with creativity, imagination, passion and expertise.


Professional Copywriting

We can provide professional copywriting for your advertising campaign or adverts, combined with smart and impactful headlines to catch the attention of your prospective customers.

We can also provide excellent scripting and voice over artists for your video/web / radio adverts or for your presentations.


Media Planning

We can create a comprehensive advertising campaign for your company or brand and then implement it to a strategically worked out to a well thought out and competitively priced media plan, over a given period.



You will find that we can provide equally (if not better) advice, insights and consultation you would expect to receive from PR, Advertising and Marketing Agencies.

Many of whom regularly subcontract their client work out to us, to help them win and maintain client contracts.


Marketing Services

We also provide a number of helpful marketing services to our clients. We can devise and implement a clients marketing strategy remotely for them, saving them time, resources and money. This covers conventional marketing and digital marketing services, including research, copywriting, direct mail management, social media management, email campaign management and much more.

Call us today on 01 832 5683 or email us to discuss your advertising and marketing requirements.