Who can access your Data?

The information that you have provided to us may be made available to personnel working for Artefact Ltd, our affiliate companies, our clients, and the third parties as set out above. Your personal data is stored and processed within the European Economic Area, with the exception of a small few third party contractors (mainly web developers, designers, print companies, product suppliers etc) primarily from India, Indonesia, USA or Russia. On occasion, we may subcontract certain projects or part thereof to countries outside of Europe.

About Mailchimp (or other similar apps)
As well as regular email apps such a Entourage, we also use Mailchimp.com (a third party service provider to Artefact) to send branded newsletters or monthly/quarterly marketing emails.
MailChimp stores your email address, name, contact data on their system. If you are signed up for one of our newsletter/marketing lists it is likely your contact details will be added to a MailChimp hosted contact list for Artefact Ltd. We can export that list and view information related to the signup (or delete your contacts details from that list). From 29th May 2018, we will only add client/contacts of Artefact Ltd to our Mailchimp contact lists after we have confirmed an opt-in from you to receive branded marketing emails, newsletters or offers etc.

Where your personal information is required to be sent outside the European Economic Area we will contact you for your permission prior to the disclosure of your personal information. In the event that we need to transfer your personal information outside the European Economic Area we will endeavour, to the best of our ability, to take the appropriate steps, to help ensure that your privacy rights continue to be protected as detailed in this Privacy Policy.