Counter the Knee Jerk Reaction to Covid 19

Countering the Knee Jerk Reaction (to Covid 19)

Not many businesses are Covid 19 proof, but certain actions that continually drive your business, engage existing customers effectively and win new ones are. At the end of the day we’re all in the same business… selling!

Let’s face it, if you only listen to the national/mainstream media you will get a very one-sided, exaggerated view of the problem and are liable to develop an overly negative view. A knee jerk reaction is to do nothing, batten down the hatches, cut back on marketing/sales and hope things pickup- as if by magic! Not a good strategy. 

In a downturn/crisis, you can only cut back so much. Sooner rather than later you have to start thinking about selling more product or services to drive revenue. ‘When the wind fails, take to the Oars’

In fact, continually communicating with your client base/market creatively and professionally, while maintaining strong client relationships, should be prioritised above everything else you do.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to throw large wads of cash you don’t have at design and advertising. It simply means that you need to get creative and smart about it, ensuring your brand image and messaging is regularly and consistently put in front of your target market, to the highest professional standard, at all touch point, so it is at the forefront of their minds… when the bounce back happens. You need to use expert professionals to create the highest quality marketing and advertising materials possible. Don’t do it in-house because 9 times out of 10 it will look home-made and unprofessional.

You wouldn’t use a trainee doctor to perform brain surgery on you – because it was cheap or free, now would you?
Many of the clients I have spoken with during Covid 19 sound like they are depressed and have given up. Bad idea. Now is the time to work for your money!
Just by upping your work rate by 5% in terms of marketing, sales calls and advertising you will undoubtedly increase the possibility of bringing in new clients and business. Now is the time to be optimistic, plan for the bounce back and get creative. Artefact can help you on all these fronts!