Coronavirus Information

COVID-19 Coronavirus Advisory 
for Our Valued Customers and Colleagues.

Artefact Ltd has put additional precautionary measures in place to ensure that we are playing our part in helping to contain the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) while also ensuring the continued high quality creative services to all of our valued Corporate, Pharma, Food, Beverage, SME and Semi-State clients.

We respectfully ask that any of our colleagues, contractors or partners who have contracted COVID-19, or have been in contact with a person that has contracted COVID-19, to disclose this information immediately to Artefact.
We respectfully ask any employee or supplier returning to Ireland after travel abroad to Self-Quarantine if you are returning from a high risk country listed by the HSE. This is to prevent other people i.e. your work colleagues from getting coronavirus from you. Please reference the HSE website for details of the ‘at risk’ countries they have listed and details of how to Self-Quarantine. Self-quarantine means avoiding contact with other people as much as possible by ‘staying at home’. The difference between self-isolation and self-quarantine is explained on the website.

With the health and safety of our people at the forefront of our thinking, together with business continuity planning, the immediate measures that we have put in place across the business are as follows:

Communication of information
Regular safety alerts and government updates are circulated to employees and partners via e-mail and text to raise awareness and to follow the latest advice.

Precautions Taken
As hand washing is one of the most effective controls, we have reinforced the importance of regular and thorough hand washing which has been communicated via email, text and posters reminding staff and visitors of the correct handwashing protocol, as recommended by health professionals.
Hand sanitising sprays and protective gloves  have also been issued within our office building (available to the other businesses residing there).

We have cancelled all but the most essential business meetings. We have asked our staff to work from home on laptop for the duration of this pandemic, where possible.

Visitors to our office
We are encouraging all suppliers and clients to cancel any unnecessary visits to our office to reduce the risk to our people, and where possible use Skype/conference call telephone communications as an alternative means of conducting those meetings.
Only approved visitors will be allowed to access our office. Any unannounced visitors arriving will not gain access to our office.
All visitors must use the hand sanitisers in the areas that are signposted i.e. reception, offices and main building.

We hope that this provides you with some reassurance that Artefact Ltd is taking the necessary steps to ensure continuity of service.